3D printing & 3D scanning

The easiest way to get 3D object scan and high-quality 3D printed prototypes and production parts.

Making 3D Simple

3D scanning
  • The latest and best way to display 3d objects
  • Easily viewable on android and IOS apps
  • Protocols to handle high value objects & maintain the privacy of data
  • We scan broken objects to create replacements (reverse engineering).
  • For high value objects the scanner comes to you. For anything else send the object and we will send a printable file or a new object in its place
  • Our current maximum object size is 300mm x 300mm.
  • Current maximum Resolution 0.05mm

Our Products

Original physical and digital products created in our studio.

  • Pre-order the unique shelf brackets in black or white carbon plastic
  • Buy original design files & scans from our library for visualisation or print (scan files may not be print ready.)
  • Great value digital files 1 euro each.
  • Many file formats and resolutions available now for download
  • full colour .OBJ’s with printable .STL, .PLY, .ASC, .3MF & .MTL.

3D printing

Product development service

From a sketch to the final 3D printed product, 3asyprint allows you to easily solve your problems and batch produce your designs to order


AQUATIC 3D bracket 3.0

This original in-house design is unique, cool and stylish.

Our shelf bracket is also extremely strong and efficient with materials.
Completely simple to put up. Prints without support on most. Larger brackets should be printed in higher UT materials.

We manufacture these brackets to order only in HT carbon fibre filaments.
Pre printed brackets are available for pre-order from komponent.store

buy the original .stl file and print as many as you like

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